Jeniva - Customer Relationship Management CRM, Content Management System CMS, Newsletters, Customer Databases, Manage Products, Stock and Specials online anytime.

Content Management (CMS) Module
Jeniva Content Management System is by far ahead of the rest. It does all the simple things, like editing web pages, updating news, etc. But what makes Jeniva different is, it integrates with all the available modules into a single tool, allowing you to create integrated marketing campaigns that utilise your web site, email and remind you when to do things.

Web Pages
  • Manage your web site content with ease. Take advantage of extensive editing features. Add new pages and Remove old pages with a click of a button. Insert content with ease. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use this!

    Web Site Navigation
  • Move your web site menu items around as needed. Add sub menu items and watch them appear in the drop down menu.

  • Manage staff and their logins to Jeniva. Assign them roles. Assign Jobs to users.

  • Create and send newsletters quickly using pre-built templates. Send your newsletter to all customers or select particular groups. Track who and when your newsletter is viewed.

    News and Articles
  • Manage News Items, Articles, Job Listings, Testimonials or any other informative listings

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Jeniva will automatically optimise any keywords and data you put into your web site to enhance search engine placement. You will also receive regular reports from the new Google Sitemaps© program which gives you very detailed info on how your web site is performing.

    Web Site Stats
  • View in detail what customers are clicking on to get to your web site. Which search engines work? What keywords are working? Where are customers geographically located?

    Customer Management (CRM) Module
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Manage your clients, customers, members, job seekers, employers, or whatever your Business refers to people who will interact with your business and web site. We have a number of different setups that allow you to capture relevant information depending on your business type.
    Simple to use Activities, Opportunities and Leads
  • Ever been confused by the excessive amount of fields in CRM systems? We simplify all that and show you how to be more effective rather than inputting data all day.

    Outlook Integration
  • All contact data and appointments are automatically synchronised with Jeniva as regularly as needed so you'll never miss an important sale or meeting again. 

    Electronic Commerce (ECS) Module
    Electronic Commerce System (ECS). Provide customers with a secure and easy to use shoping portal for all your products and or services.

  • Manage your products online. Create promotions and allocate special pricing for certain periods.

  • Manage stock levels. Set minimum and maximum levels.

  • Create Promotions and allocate Times, Dates, Products, Customers, Price Variations, etc.

    SSL Security
  • All transactions processed using the latest 128-bit SSL Encrytion to ensure all data is secure.

    Product Inventory (PIM) Module (Module extra - call for quote)
    Product Inventory Management (PIM). Used in conjunction with the Electronic Commerce Module to manage stock levels, generate purchase orders, etc. Can integrate financials with Quicken, Quickbooks, etc.

  • Conduct stocktakes and track wastage.

  • Manage Supplier details and allocate products to certain suppliers.

    Purchase Orders
  • Generate Purchase Orders for suppliers. Receive purchase orders.

  • View Sales Reports, Cost Against Sales Reports, Historical Data Reports, etc.

    Marketing Campaign (MCM) Module
    Marketing Campaign Management (MCM). Manage marketing campaigns that utilise newsletters/email and your web site. Track who has clicked on what and use Outlook to remind you to follow up.

  • Create web based newsletters that look like a web page and send them to your customers

  • Insert capaigns into your newsletters and into your web site to activate your campaigns

  • Results
  • As customers interact with your campaigns, Jeniva will determine how to use this information and update certain areas accordingly.

  • Customer Support and Online Help
    Even though Jeniva is very intuitive and requires little training, we have taken care to document detailed help through the system. You will also have access to customer support personal who will assist with any issues you may have.

    Online Support
  • Request help via the online customer support system or call our friendly toll free support line.

    Feature by Feature
  • All tasks and features in Jeniva are described in detail, whether it be a help button or helpful tip, to assist you in making the most productive use of your time.

    Web Hosting Features
    Our Data Centre is second to none. Fast and secure with triple redundancy. You can rest assured your private and confidential company information is kept that way.

    Data Centre Features
  • Daily Tape Backups
  • 24 Hour Active Monitoring
  • 99.99% Uptime (12 month average)
  • Datacenter protected by FM-200 Fire suppressant
  • Dual Generator Backup with 3700 litre (1000 gal) fuel reserve
  • Peak network capacity of over 650Mb per second (the equivalent of 451 T1 lines)
  • Triple secured datacenter

  • Hosting Technical Features
  • Web based Email & POP3 Email
  • Web based Administration
  • Server based SPAM filter and Virus scanner
  • ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP (4.3.11 and 5.0.4)
  • MS Frontpage Extensions
  • MS SQL 2000 & MySQL
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 50 Meg Disk Space
  • 5 Gig Data Transfer